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Company Formation in Canada

Entity Type: Corporation

Name Details

Does the name of the company require approval by the Registry or other authorities?

Federal: Requires the approval of Industry Canada.

Ontario: Name cannot be identical to a pre-existing Ontario corporation name.

How many prospective names will you require?

No limit on number.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on words that can be used in company names?

The name must include a legal ending-

Limited, Ltd., Incorporated, Inc., Corporation, Corp.

Various prohibited words –

Ontario: “Amalgamated”, “Architect”(without governing body approval), “Association”, “College”, “Condominium”, “Co-Operative”, “Council”, “Engineer” (without governing body approval),“Veteran”

Federal: “Co-Operative”, “Parliament Hill”, “Royal Canadian Mounted Police”, “United Nations”.

The name must not cause confusion with other businesses, be misleading or obscene.

Some restrictions on use of personal names.

Address Details

Does the company need to provide a registered address?


Are there any limitations on the registered address (i.e. must be in-country, must not be a PO box)

Must not be a P.O. box

Federal-the registered office address must be an address within the province noted in its articles.

Ontario-the registered office address must be within Ontario

If the client has no physical location incountry, can they use your address for the purposes of registration?


Officer Details

How many Directors are required?

1 or within range specified (e.g. 1-10)

Are any other officers required (i.e. Secretary)?

No officers are required.

What personal details will you need for each officer?

Name, address for service, officer position, date of appointment.

Is there a requirement for any in country resident directors?

At least 25% of directors must be resident in Canada.

Do you need proof of address or Identity for officers? If YES, in what format?


Shareholders Details

How many shareholders are required?

Minimum of one.

Are there any restrictions on who can be a shareholder?


What information will you require about shareholder?

Name and address

Corporation – legal name and jurisdiction of incorporation

Will you require proof of address or ID from the shareholders?


Share Capital

Will the company need to specify a maximum number of shares that can be issued?


Is any stamp duty paid on the issued share capital? If YES, at what rate is this calculated.


Other Details

Do you require any further information about the company or its officers? If YES, please specify.

Accountant/Auditor information
Will the corporation be audit exempt?
Year End
Banking information
Signing officers for bank and Document execution


How long will it take to complete incorporation?

2-5 business days

Is there any way to expedite the incorporation for an extra fee?


Latest version updated 2nd May 2018

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