What is Globalisation

Globalization is a word you hear a lot. Issues such as the impact of globalization, global warming, the global village and the global economy are discussed in all forms of the media on a very regular basis but the term itself is very really defined.

In brief, globalization is the process which explains the co-operation, interaction and increasing integration of activities which take place between the citizens, companies, institutions and governments of the world. Generally speaking this process is seen as being driven by a number of key factors, chief amongst which would be international trade, international investment and the increasing inter-connectivity of everything through the use of advanced technology.

Globalization impacts on a myriad of activities including national culture and etiquette, the environment (possibly leading to the threat of global warming), economic development and the alleviation of poverty as well as the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

It is important to stress that globalisation is not a new phenomenon because the process of globalisation has been developing for thousands of years. The Roman Empire, the trade routes know as the Silk Road and the British Empire are all good examples of different forms of globalization and history shows that these specific globalisation activities had huge impacts on all aspects of life across the globe.

However the past few decades have seen the process of globalization increase at an unprecedented rate and it is very difficult to envisage how this process could ever be halted. Technology brings us instantly closer together and the free trade zones which have been established (the European Union for example) and civil unrest (Libya & Syria) have increased levels of economic and political migrants to new peaks. Technology connects us, people migrate from country to country and products become global rather than national successes – all of these developments feed the growth of globalization.

Globalization is here, it’s not going away and it is critically important to you, your family, your employer, your country and your planet. It cannot be ignored and you need to understand its influence and its consequences.

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