Having spent many years working as an expatriate across the globe, Keith came to the realisation that many of the leadership and business challenges he was facing were of a cultural origin. He felt that on many occasions both clients and colleagues he was working with ‘just didn’t get’ the western corporate approach he was representing – and that this misunderstanding was more to do with different mindsets than with different commercial objectives.

He therefore decided to spend the rest of his career working with business people around the world, hoping to make them more culturally fluent and the more globally effective. To that end he founded Global Business Culture and from his early training interventions about 20 years ago he has constantly striven to hone Global Business Culture’s products and services to meet the need of an increasingly sophisticated and globally-aware client base.

As well as developing the world-leading cultural information portal WorldBusinessCulture.com, Keith has developed a range of training products which are all designed to add high levels of real practical insight. His objective is to make clients more globally effective and organisations more profitable through better cross-border collaboration.

Key training interventions include: