Globilization Matters

Globalization as a concept is almost always in the news and it is either lauded as the saviour of the world or as the cause of most of the world’s ills.  But how do you define globalization and what different strands fall within a definition of globalization?

Globalization certainly isn’t a new thing – the world has been through several distinct phases of globalization – but its development has certainly gained pace over the past two or three decades and that process was undoubtedly impacted on by the economic and political liberalisation of some key geographic regions such as China, India and Eastern Europe.  Globalization is here, it’s here to stay and it will probably have an impact on just about every aspect of everybody’s life.

The World Business Culture site recognises how important globalization is as a phenomenon and wants to highlight some of its key aspects to help people become more informed on this vital issue.  Key issues such as the history of globalization, a globalization definition, the effects of globalization on global warming, global economics and its impact on global poverty are addressed in various different sections on the site.

As a global citizen living in what is being increasingly referred to as a global village it is imperative that you have as much global knowledge as possible.  This site can’t give you all the in-depth information you might need on specific aspects of the globalization process but it is designed to be a jumping off point from which you can explore issues further.

Global leadership skills, global communication skills, global business planning all require a sound global knowledge base.  This site can form the cornerstone of that knowledge base and when you want to explore specific areas of interest in more depth our consultants can have those critical strategic discussions with you and help map out a profitable global future for you and your organisation.

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