Global Warming

The general consensus seems to be that Global Warming, it’s happening now and is set to continue into the foreseeable future despite the various attempts by global governments to slow its acceleration.  This consensus warns that the effects of global warming are potentially planet threatening and that addressing this issue should be the world’s number one priority.  On the other hand there is a smaller but very vocal group who argue that global warming is merely a cyclical change, has happened before and is therefore nothing to raise fears of potential global Armageddon.

The polarisation of these contrasting views is what causes a great deal of confusion amongst the general public whose main information on the topic is through sound-bite type news reports.

World Business Culture recognises that the facts about global warming, the causes of global warming and the effects of global warming are complex and often contradictory and in this section we have attempted to simplify the issues – be it for business people planning for the future or students writing a global warming essay or addressing other environmental issues such as the effects of greenhouse gases or pollution.

Global leadership, global communication, global business planning all require a sound global knowledge base and an awareness of the impacts of global warming are a critical element of that knowledge base.  This site can form the cornerstone of that knowledge base and when you want to explore specific areas of interest in more depth our consultants can have those critical strategic discussions with you and help map out a successful global future for you and your organisation.

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