Global Companies

Global companies need employees who can demonstrate that they think in a global way – they need a global mindset.  All too often people are given positions which necessitate cross-border working without being given the tools to help them succeed.  The problem is that the word globalization is bandied around all the time – but globalization is not a word; it’s a mindset.

Organisations need to give their employees the tools and knowledge base they need to help them operate successfully across the barriers of time, culture, geography and language.  This means people need to develop cultural fluency and knowledge and that they need to have an interest in the world around them in terms of the march of globalization and its impacts, the global economy, global warming and other key issues which affect the everyday operations of every commercial organisation.

This section will address some fundamental global issues which impact on business such as global market entry, outsourcing, compliance and communication.  Combined with the information in the other sections of the site – especially the global business etiquette pages and country-by-country guides - businesses can help get their employees up to speed quite quickly.

Global leadership, global communication, global business planning all require a sound global knowledge base and a general awareness of the global forces impacting all organisations can help equip the leaders of today and tomorrow.  This site can form the cornerstone of the knowledge base your organisation needs to develop but when you want to explore specific areas of interest in more depth our consultants can have those critical strategic discussions with you and help map out a successful global future for you and your organisation.

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