Global Business Skills

The global economy relies on people who are able to work effectively across cultures and geographic borders but many of the skills needed to do this effectively need to be learned through both experience and effective learning and development initiatives.  People need skills training to help them work effectively with people from their own neighbourhood, so it seems logical they need it even more if they are to be effective across multiple time zones and so World Business Culture thought its readers might find some of the articles in this section of particular interest.

One of the unforeseen consequences of globalization is that people working within a global organisation need to continually seek to improve their management skills and their leadership skills.  It is obvious that, when working in a global role which requires working across cultures and languages, effective business communication skills are at a premium and learning and development aimed at improving these cross-border business communication skills is essential.  This is just as important to entrepreneurs who are starting a small business with a great business idea as it is to global corporations who have been multi-national for decades.

Management and leadership skills need to be developed which help people look beyond their own view of the world and which help them to see the world through the eyes of people from completely different parts of the world.  Every leader or entrepreneur who is looking to work globally needs to have an inner business plan which takes account of the many differing attitudes to business that they are likely to encounter when doing business in China or developing an online business idea in Brazil.

The sections you can find here are useful as a starting point but your organisation would benefit from looking at each of these issues in more depth in a more structures training environment.  If you would like to find out how World Business Culture can help you work more effectively in an increasingly globalized business world please contact us.

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