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The contents of the WorldBusinessCulture site have been written and developed by the consultants from Global Business Culture in conjunction with our online partner Digital HQ.

Global Business Culture is a specialist training and development organisation who, for 15 years, have been working with some of the world’s leading organisations – helping them to make their people and organisations more globally aligned. Over the years Global Business Culture has developed a reputation for quality and innovation. Just look at our client list and you will see that we are trusted and relied on by some amazing organisations – from leading banks and law firms to manufacturing companies, both large and small.

The training and consultancy interventions undertaken by Global Business Culture on behalf of its extensive list of clients all have one, over-riding objective – to make international business more efficient and therefore more profitable. This is achieved by aligning the work we do with the real day-to-day challenges faced by people and organisations who work cross-border in an increasingly globalised world. We do not talk theory; everything we do is intensely practical and aimed at helping people leave a seminar or workshop better equipped to operate effectively with colleagues, clients and stakeholders from other parts of the world.

People often ask us why we were prepared to share - for free - the vast amount of knowledge which can be found on our WorldBusinessCulture website. The answer is; because we passionately believe that this information needs contextualising and that it needs to be directly linked into your business. We can help you to understand how these cultural issues relate to your vision and goals and then help develop action plans to improve your international performance.

Our consultants are all experienced business people in their own right with years of hands-on experience of the difficulties encountered working cross-border. They are able to link international business culture directly to specific business dilemmas because they understand business. They have all worked overseas as expatriates and they have all faced the same challenges you and your colleagues face. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in countries as varied as India and the USA, China and Brazil.

We offer a range of training and consultancy interventions in a variety of formats – from face-to face, through distance learning webinars to e-learning modules (both generic and bespoke) on a broad range of global culture-related topics. The full range of our services can be explored by looking through the menu items on this page. If you and your organisation are working internationally, we truly believe we can help.

We can work with you on training and consultancy projects, we can advise before you go into new markets, we can help you recruit internationally with greater success and we really can help you improve cross-border efficiencies - and that has to mean greater profitability.

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