Working Across Global Cultures

More people work cross-border than ever before and are therefore faced with the difficulties created when dealing with people from a different business culture. Each country develops its own slightly unique business culture and this global cultural diversity is one of the major challenges faced by any organisation or employee engaged in the globalization process.

People often ‘feel’ that there are cultural differences in business but are often unsure whether the issues they face are due to cultural diversity, corporate culture or just simple personality clashes.

Navigating your way around an increasing global business environment demands high levels of awareness, skill and knowledge. It’s just not good enough anymore to enter a new territory and expect people to adapt to your ways of working. The global economy is a much more level playing field and you need to be adaptive and sensitive.

If you want to have a successful career going forward, chances are you’ll be challenged to work cross-border and cross-culture. Therefore, increasing your knowledge of cultural differences in business and global business etiquette is an absolute must.

In this section Keith Warburton, the founder of Global Business Culture and a recognised world expert in this field, highlights some of the areas which are impacted on by international cultural differences and offers some practical tips on how to ensure cross-border effectiveness and success.

Keith is a frequent key note speaker at major international conferences and also works with some of the world’s leading corporations, helping them to work more effectively across the boundaries of culture, time zones and geography. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge to this topic – having worked globally for his entire career.

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