The fear of public speaking

Making presentations is something only a few people embrace and really look forward to doing.
If you are passionate about a subject or have a cause which is close to your heart, it may be easier .You will overcome all sorts of obstacles. Your fear of public speaking will be slain by determination and commitment.
In business, sometimes, it is not so easy. The subject matter can be handed to you, it may be lack- lustre, you may not even agree with the content or its message. It can simply be... as dry as a bone.

It’s down to you
Here’s the thing. There is no such thing as a boring presentation. Boring presenters on the other hand – are a plenty. I have seen wonderful topics murdered by poor delivery and then stodgy, data -burdened information brought alive. So it’s down to you, the presenter. No pressure! It’s you that can make the difference. It’s you that can bring the subject matter alive. It’s you that can inspire and call others to action. Now let’s put it in context.

Most people are nervous
Having to give a presentation has set the pulse racing in even the most confident people and researchers have found that many people fear public speaking more than death.
So you are not alone but how absurd! We engage, converse, empathise and relay information constantly but when we are on stage or removed from the pack of people before us, we can feel less like its leader, and more like, its prey!

Nerves are good
Here’s the good news. You need to be nervous. Giving a good presentation is rooted in heightened sensitivity and senses. To be able to deliver with energy and focus, to be able to demonstrate that you really care, you need to utilise and harness adrenalin.
Having trained thousands of people in developing presentation skills, the ones I fear the most are the people who don’t have a fear of public speaking but who like the sound of their own voice ,a little too much ,and who haven’t even considered or don’t care WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE ON THE RECEIVING END OF THEM!

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