The Visual You

Do you wear your clothes or do they wear you? I always advise to never wear a newly bought suit for an important presentation as there is a tendency to fidget. If you need a new suit, wear it as many times before the big day so that you get used to it. Better still; wear an ‘old friend’, an outfit which is very comfortable and familiar. An outfit which many people have expressed their admiration. In other words, you know that you look good in it.

Colours are worth considering. You may wish to align your colour scheme with the brand of the business or product you are promoting. Some colours, you know, will flatter you more than others and whilst certain industries favour the ubiquitous black, consider this -black and white maybe clear and crisp but it is also monotone. Similarly, grey - does it say chic or does it make a statement of being dull? It will always be a judgement call and if you are naturally the sombre, booted -and -suited type, bright statement colours will make you feel awkward. Imagine John Major walking on stage like Ronald MacDonald. Not a good look. Neither character could carry the other one off. The request is simple. Just try and see yourself through the eyes of your intended audience.
Take care how you stand and move. Stooping looks weak and head held high looks arrogant. Avoid clanking jewellery and reflecting glasses. Stand strong but relaxed and never put your hands in your pockets or worse, fiddle. Feet can also be a nuisance. Many people claim not to be able to dance and yet put them in front of an audience and it’s amazing just how many dance steps they make!

Finally, please, be one of those rarities: a figure, publicly speaking and daring to SMILE. The power of a smile is incalculable.

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