Taiwanese Management Style


As has already been stated, managers tend towards the authoritarian, giving instructions to subordinates which they expect to be obeyed. It would be unusual for an employee to openly question the decision of the manager. However, there may have been a great deal of behind the scenes consensus building undertaken prior to an instruction being given.

The manager expects to be consulted prior to any actions being taken and, therefore, little initiative is expected or shown lower down the chain. Decisions taken during a meeting, at which the senior manager is not present, should be viewed with some suspicion.

The manager expects to be shown the respect due to his (rarely her) position and this will mean that, from a Western perspective, an undue amount of deference may be shown. Respect is given for position held, but age is also worthy of respect. It is difficult, therefore, for older Taiwanese to accept being managed by younger expatriate managers. Equally, a younger western manager on a trade mission is likely to be less well received than a visibly older colleague.