Tip 11
Communication can be theatrical in style with emphasis placed on the strength of conviction of the speaker. If you are sincere in your convictions, show it.
Tip 12
More emphasis is placed on the spoken than the written word. It is often not enough to send some information in writing - follow it up with a phone call to discuss things.
Tip 13
Although humour tends to be absent from very formal meetings or deadlock situations, it is important to be seen as relaxed and approachable. Humour is often used in the workplace amongst colleagues.
Tip 14
Teams tend to consist of groups of individuals working on specific tasks and reporting to a strong leader. Inter-group communication can be limited.
Tip 15
Entertaining at meal times is an important part of the relationship building process. Food is to be savoured. Save discussions about specific business issues for the coffee.
Tip 16
Body language in Spain is more expansive than in many other parts of the world. Do not mistake 'theatrical' body language and gestures with a lack of control.
Tip 17
Spaniards have extremely strong eye contact. Good eye contact is important as it builds trust.
Tip 18
Tip 19
Tip 20

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