South Korea:

Tip 11
Be sure to have all technical details and answers to hand. Do not be found lacking in preparation as this could also result in negative reactions.
Tip 12
Punctuality is of vital importance. Do not keep senior people waiting - it is extremely disrespectful.
Tip 13
If Koreans are to work effectively in a team, it is important to create an atmosphere of harmony and comfort. Making individuals within the team lose face will affect the morale of the whole team.
Tip 14
Although Koreans are restrained and reserved in most situations, they will occasionally show flashes of extreme emotion. If meetings begin to get heated it is probably best to retreat and try again later.
Tip 15
It is difficult to disagree openly and any disagreement will be very vaguely expressed. On the other hand, 'yes' may not mean definite agreement but merely acknowledgement of comprehension.
Tip 16
Try to avoid any form of disagreement or situations which can result in loss of face on the other side such as pushing for quick decisions or asking for favours that cannot be delivered.
Tip 17
Be smartly and conservatively dressed and maintain good, upright body posture at all times in formal situations.
Tip 18
Gifts are important. Always take a supply of small, suitable gifts to distribute to key contacts. Always wrap gifts.
Tip 19
It is unusual to meet women in senior roles in Korea (except when working for foreign firms).
Tip 20
Senior western women will be accepted but may not be given the respect they feel their position merits. Do not be visibly offended by any perceived lack of esteem given