Tip 11
Maintain respect for the hierarchy of the delegation at all times. Do not belittle the arguments of the manager in front of his or her team.
Tip 12
Remember that diplomatic and coded language is the norm and that what is said is not what is necessarily meant. Try to look for the meaning beneath the actual words. If in doubt return to the issue later.
Tip 13
Teams work on a consensus decision-making basis, which can be lengthy and frustrating. Patience is definitely a virtue in these situations.
Tip 14
English language levels are almost universally high with much of Singaporean education being conducted in English. In addition, many Singaporeans complete their education in the U.K., U.S.A. or Australia.
Tip 15
'No' does not always mean 'no' and 'yes' may merely be an indication of comprehension. Always try to explore beneath the surface level as to what may actually be meant.
Tip 16
Humour, although appreciated in social situations, can be confusing and undermining in a more serious business context.
Tip 17
Gift giving is less prevalent in Singapore than in most other Asian countries and gifts should be modest in nature to avoid any whiff of corruption.
Tip 18
Women play an active and senior role in business life and will be found in most functions of an organisation. Overseas women will be dealt with on their merit.
Tip 19
Dress codes are less formal than in many other countries with jackets and ties being used in only the most formal of situations.
Tip 20
Be aware of any potential sensitivities around dealing with Malay Muslims - avoid pork, alcohol etc.