Recognising cultural bias

Everybody in the world has a sense of ‘normality’ in terms of thought processes, attitudes and approaches in the work place. What everybody needs to recognize is that their own sense of ‘normality’ is probably only considered normal within their own country. Everybody looking into your country from outside might see your approach as being ‘abnormal’.

Being aware of your own cultural spectacles or cultural bias leads you to the amazing recognition that you do not see yourself as others see you and that an approach to a particular topic or issue that you see as positive might be viewed negatively by people from another culture.

This leads also to the recognition that you need to champion the need for objectivity when working with members of a virtual, multi-cultural team and question at every stage whether the approach you are adopting to any given situation is the correct one.

A key organizational issue is also the encouragement for all employees, no matter where they are based to accept that a good idea is a good idea regardless of where it originates.

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