Tip 11
Punctuality is less rigid than in some other countries. People may arrive late for meetings; deadlines may be seen as guidelines.
Tip 12
Agendas are not always produced at meetings and, if produced, may not be adhered to - or even referred to.
Tip 13
Co-operative, open teams in which people share responsibility for well defined goals are a rarity. Team members expect to work on specific allocated tasks as determined by a strong leader.
Tip 14
Family names are often used in business circles - try not to use first names unless specifically asked to do so.
Tip 15
Academic titles are highly respected so, if you have one, use it on your business card.
Tip 16
The Portuguese are, on the whole, non-confrontational in business dealings and will often say things in meetings which they think will please - this can often mask their true opinions.
Tip 17
Although women are making rapid progress in the business world, it is fairly unusual to meet a senior female executive in a local Portuguese business.
Tip 18
Appearance is important and smart clothes (although not necessarily suit and tie) should be worn.
Tip 19
Tip 20