Tip 11
It is advisable to be punctual for any appointment in Poland as lack of punctuality can be seen as unprofessional behaviour.
Tip 12
Formal meetings are serious occasions and should not be treated lightly. Any overly informal behaviour could be construed as lack of respect for senior management.
Tip 13
Once teams have been established and the internal relationships seem to be working well,it is important to keep the team together if possible. Poles can be wary of strangers and the relationship building process can be long.
Tip 14
On the whole,English language levels are very good in Poland and it is unlikely that a translator would be necessary.
Tip 15
Polish communication style is very direct. People are expected to say what they think rather than hide behind any notions of diplomacy.
Tip 16
Body language is minimal in meetings which can lead to mistaken impressions of disinterest.
Tip 17
Titles are often used in business circles and are viewed as highly prestigious – try to have your qualifications and titles printed on your business card.
Tip 18
Women have made significant strides in recent years but most senior positions still tend to be held by men.
Tip 19
Male business colleagues may show exaggerated amounts of respect to female colleagues – in an old-fashioned,chivalric way.
Tip 20
Dress soberly but smartly. Avoid being too showy with your clothes as this may appear immodest.

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