Pitfalls to bad collaboration

The goal of collaboration is better results and not simply to collaborate for collaboration’s sake. Collaboration requires scarce company resources and employees’ already limited time, so it must be executed in a disciplined fashion in order to ensure the resources put in to it generate value.

Bad project collaboration is characterized by friction, lack of focus, and poor results. While any number of factors can poison a collaborative effort, business collaboration, when it fails, usually fails for one of several key reasons.

First, collaborating in hostile territory often results in bad collaboration.
Whether across companies or within one company and across its units, attempting to forge collaboration between units setup and designed to compete with one another often results in failure.

Over collaboration is another common mistake. While this article stresses that collaboration can enhance efficiency and boost creativity and that businesses should create networks to facilitate collaborative efforts, creating too many networks without purpose can harm a business by over complicating transactions and muddling channels of communication.

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