Tip 11
A strong separation is made between work and private life and private time is guarded zealously - especially in the all-too-few months of summer when life is for living.
Tip 12
Although English language levels are generally very high in Norway,it must be remembered that it is still a foreign language. Make sure that you speak English in a way that is easily understood by a non-native speaker.
Tip 13
Norwegians value direct communication and can see overt diplomacy as signs of evasiveness or even dishonesty. Say what you mean.
Tip 14
Silence is valued and respected in Norway. It is not always necessary to speak - especially if there is nothing much to be said. Do not confuse silence with a lack of interest or understanding.
Tip 15
As body language is quite muted in Norway,audiences can appear disinterested or aloof to those used to a more active use of body language. Do not confuse lack of visible response with lack of interest or understanding.
Tip 16
Humour is not expected or particularly appreciated during the discussion of serious topics. There will be ample opportunity for humour after the serious business has been completed.
Tip 17
Norwegians are very conscious of environmental issues and these topics are very often discussed. Be sure to be prepared to talk about you company’s environmental policy.
Tip 18
More emphasis is placed on the written than the spoken word. It is often not enough to phone someone - follow it up in writing.
Tip 19
Although business dining is not a central part of the business cycle in Norway,it is important to entertain well when inviting contacts out for a social event.
Tip 20
Never underestimate the possibility of bad weather in the winter – make sure you pack the right type of clothing and footwear.