Tip 11
Overt displays of emotion are not frowned upon - they show commitment and engagement.
Tip 12
Do not be surprised if small, sub-meetings develop within larger formal meetings.
Tip 13
English is widely spoken and many people speak it fluently. English is not, however, universally spoken and interpreters can be needed on occasion if you don't speak Spanish.
Tip 14
Family names are often used in business circles amongst even quite close colleagues.
Tip 15
Formal titles such as Ingenerio (Engineer) are also commonly used in business.
Tip 16
People stand much closer to each other than many other cultures. Do not try to recreate your normal personal space as this could be seen as being unfriendly.
Tip 17
Although women play a less significant role at senior management level than in some other countries, visiting female managers should have few problems and will be treated with professional courtesy and respect.
Tip 18
It is important to be smartly dressed in both business and social situations.
Tip 19
Lunch is taken quite late at around 2:00pm and can last for a couple of hours.
Tip 20
Breakfast meetings are common in Mexico and should be seen as an important part of the relationship building process.

Suggested Reading List...

Doing Business in Mexico: A Practical Guide Robert E Stevens, David L Loudon, Gus Gordon and Thurmon Williams