Successful Entertaining in Argentina


As would be expected in such a relationship oriented culture, entertaining is an important part of the overall business cycle. Never underestimate the importance of the bonding that can take place on such occasions.

All business meals should be viewed as a primarily social situation and business should only be discussed if the topic is introduced by your local contacts. View meals as more of an opportunity to get to know the people you are with much better on the all-important social level. If business is to be discussed, it will usually be left until later in the proceedings — over the coffee.

Good table manners are essential and Argentines eat following the European convention of holding both the knife and fork at all times. Hands should be kept visible at all times — don’t lower your hands to below the table where they cannot be seen.

Although a service charge will often be added to your bill, it is still considered good form to leave a tip of around 10 - 15%.