Setting Objectives for the meeting

Setting clear objectives for the conference call is probably the most crucial issue that any conference call leader needs to ask before the meeting but is, surprisingly, an issue which is rarely addressed in any depth.

The leader needs to clarify in advance all of the following issues:

  • What outcomes do I want from the conference call in terms of best case, fall back and worst case scenario?
  • What individual items need to be discussed during the meeting?
  • What can we realistically cover given the time constraints we have placed upon us?
  • Which issues are of greatest priority?
  • What might other participants at the meeting want to discuss?
  • What did we not manage to cover in the last meeting?
  • How will the delegates benefit from attending the meeting

If you don’t set very clear objectives prior to the meeting how will anybody be able to assess whether the meeting has been a success or not? Many people complain that they spend far too much time attending poorly organized, pointless conference calls with nor clear objectives and no clear outcomes.

You need to ensure that your conference calls are the calls which are seen as being timely, efficient, organized and productive. Those are the type of conference calls that everybody wants to attend.

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