Is Global Warming real? - Arguments in favour

There is a lot of controversy about whether of not the phenomenon known as global warming actually exists and should be seen as a matter of grave concern or whether the climatic variations which have occurred over the past few decades are merely a temporary blip which will rectify themselves over the coming years.

This section outlines some of the key supportive evidence which, those who are convinced of the reality of global warming, often advance to support their cause:

  • A general rise in sea levels: It seems that sea levels are rising around the world and this phenomenon is generally linked to the fact that many ice caps and glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate and also to the change in the mix of gasses contained with the world’s seas. The rate of increase in the sea’s levels has increased significantly over the past decade – at a rate unseen previously.
  • A rise in average temperature around the globe: Scientists have been tracking global temperatures since the nineteenth century and many people are convinced that (despite a respite in the rate of increase in the 1970’s) this pattern is set continue into the foreseeable future.
  • Warming ocean temperatures: One of the by-products of both industrialization and globalization is a rapid increase in the amount of greenhouse gasses which become trapped within the earth’s atmosphere. Coupled with the general increase in the earth’s temperature, this has resulted in ocean temperatures increasing year on year over the past 50 years or so.
  • Reduction in glacier size: Glaciers – be they in Antarctica, Greenland or the Himalayas are shrinking and this shrinkage is attributed to the general warming which is being experienced in all areas of the globe. Evidence suggests that Greenland lost up to 60 cubic miles of glaciers in each year between 2000 and 2006. Fewer glaciers leads to warmer air which then produce fewer glaciers etc.
  • The acidification of the oceans: The seas are absorbing increasing levels of greenhouse gasses which leads them to become increasingly acidic and as a result of that we have seen a growth in the amount of algae blooms and consequent large-scale reduction in fish stocks.

People who firmly believe in the existence of global warming point to these 5 key facts as the incontrovertible truth of the development of the global warming process and of the need for mankind to address this issue as a matter of survival. There are, however, many people who completely refute these points and their arguments are looked at in the next section.

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