Is global warming real? - Arguments against

The weight of scientific consensus seems to have come down firmly on the side of those who feel that global warming is real, is happening now and is a threat to the very existence of the planet. There are, however, many people who disagree with the gloomy predictions which are often broadcast and these ‘naysayers’ point to some strong evidence of their own to support their assumption that the situation is nowhere near as bad as it is painted to be. The key evidence people use to suggest that global warming is not real is:

  • Temperatures are not significantly rising: People (many eminent scientists included) point out that there has been no significant rise in the earth’s temperature since 1997 and that, as the previous rises had taken place during the relatively short time-span of 1975 until 1997, these earlier rises are merely the type of movements we should reasonably expect to see from time to time.
  • The historical data is inconclusive and insufficient: Some people say it is impossible to come to conclusions about such a massive issue based on very little historical climate data and that any conclusions which are drawn from that data must inevitably be statistically flawed. • Glacial melting is not uniform: The icecap in the Arctic has actually increased significantly over the past few years – up to as much as 50% since 2012 alone. They ask how this could be happening in an era of global warming.
  • Unreliable climate models: All of the predictions made about global warming and its potential impacts are based on complex, computer-based climate models – most of which have been proved to be wildly inaccurate. The nature of predictions is that they are only provable after time has passed.
  • Previous predictions have been inaccurate: Looking back over the myriad of predictions on global warming and the ‘dsaster scenario’ dates that have been attributed to the impacts of global warming, seem to indicate that people have been wrong on these issues much more often than they have been right. If all the predictions made in the past have been wrong, why should the ones being made today be any more reliable?

So, although the balance of credibility has swung strongly in favour of those people who believe global warming is real, there are some strong arguments put forward by those who feel that the whole issue is being massively exaggerated.

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