Tip 11
Contracts are seen as a expression of intent to do business rather than as an absolute statement. People expect the detail to evolve over time and would rarely refer back to the detail of an original agreement.
Tip 12
Never create a situation where a contact might 'lose face'. This could jeopardise long-term business. Try to ensure that people are not placed in embarrassing or awkward situations.
Tip 13
English language levels are generally lower than in some neighbouring countries and translators may, sometimes, be needed. Take great care to speak clearly and use simple vocabulary.
Tip 14
Remain calm and composed at all times. Avoid any show of emotion during meetings and speak with a soft voice.
Tip 15
Try not to openly disagree with people as this can be interpreted as a lack of respect and will probably fracture the relationship. If you do not agree, keep coming back to the subject in a subtle, indirect way.
Tip 16
Do not assume that 'yes' means 'yes'. It could mean one of many things and can only be fully understood through gentle probing and questioning.
Tip 17
Expect to encounter more silences during meetings than in many other countries. Do not be stressed by these silences and allow the other side the time they need.
Tip 18
Gifts are often given and received. To avoid any whiff of corruption, give small, corporate-type gifts.
Tip 19
Many women work in Indonesia, often reaching positions of seniority. Female mangers should maintain a professional, slightly detached manner with male colleagues.
Tip 20
Be aware of the usual Muslim sensitivities towards such issues a alcohol, pork, being touched by the left hand etc.