Tip 11
As relationships are important, many meetings will begin with fairly lengthy small talk. Take the time to engage in this process - it is very important to the development of solid, long-term relationships.
Tip 12
Contracts should be viewed as a starting point rather than as fixed agreements. A contract is a statement of the best set of circumstances at a given point in time.
Tip 13
Teams expect to perform closely defined tasks under the strong control of a leader. It is not considered intrusive for the leader to take a detailed interest in the work of individuals within the team.
Tip 14
English language levels are, on the whole, very high in India and amongst the educated classes, several other (non-Indian) languages might also be spoken.
Tip 15
Do not be surprised if people seem ready to agree to most things - it is difficult for Indians to show direct disagreement. People will tend to tell you what they think you want to hear. Always seek detailed clarification of any agreements reached.
Tip 16
Small gifts are often given and received - this is usually part of the relationship building process and should not be taken as attempted bribery.
Tip 17
Gifts should be wrapped and not opened in front of the giver.
Tip 18
Women will be respected in business situations if they have a position of authority. People show respect to the hierarchical level rather than being affected by any gender issues.
Tip 19
Try to be sensitive to local religious conventions. Don't offer alcohol to a Muslim or beef to a Hindu.
Tip 20
Before travelling to India on business check the calendar for local festivals, public holidays etc. - there are lots of them.

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