How to do a presentation - Rehearsing

There is quite a bit to consider when it comes to actually doing the presentation. What and how will you use visual aids or props? How will you use the space and seating available? Do you need to wear a microphone, use a laser to point? (If using a microphone, please remember to eat something before you take the stage because if you don’t, your audience will become only too aware that you haven’t!) The simple message is...rehearse. Aristotle said that no man learns how to play the flute by watching another. You have to get up and ‘Do’. Practise a minimum of three times, out loud, from beginning to end. Better still, rehearse in front of a colleague or friend and seek honest feedback. Practise will allow you to refine your statements and it is the only way to measure and get the timing right.

Many presenters are over-prepared and under- rehearsed and on the big day, merely survive the experience.

Wouldn’t it be better to look forward to giving a presentation with the confidence that all your hard work is likely to deliver the expected results? Enjoy!

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