Hong Kong:

Tip 11
Team members expect to be given clear and precise instructions, which will then be carried out diligently. Anything omitted from the original brief is unlikely to be performed. Do not necessarily expect initiative - the assumption being that if you want something doing, you will ask.
Tip 12
It is important that people are allowed to maintain 'face' at all times. Do not indulge in gentle mockery or overt reprimands.
Tip 13
Be aware of the variable levels of English to be found in Hong Kong - they range from completely fluent to very poor. Try to do a little research in advance in case an interpreter is needed.
Tip 14
Do not be surprised to encounter an un-Asian directness in the use of language. Hong Kong Chinese sometimes seem abrupt - especially when contrasted with the Japanese.
Tip 15
Try to express an interest in people, which goes beyond simply work-related issues. Family, general health and your impressions of Hong Kong are good topics of conversation.
Tip 16
It is probably best to avoid raising issues to do with the transition to Chinese rule.
Tip 17
Gift giving is common amongst business acquaintances, but it is not necessary to exchange expensive presents. Wrap any gifts you intend to give.
Tip 18
Women play a more significant role in business life than in many other Asian countries and western women should not encounter any great difficulties when travelling on business.
Tip 19
Dress codes are variable so check in advance, if possible, what is expected. If in doubt, err on the side of conservatism.
Tip 20
A great deal of business (and certainly relationship building) is done at mealtimes. If entertaining, do it well.