Tip 1
Americans value straight talking and 'getting to the point'.
Tip 2
Respect is earned through conspicuous achievement rather than through age or background.
Tip 3
Self-deprecation is often misunderstood by Americans as a sign of weakness. Sell your plus points.
Tip 4
Humour is frequently used in business situations but is unlikely to be appreciated when matters become very tense.
Tip 5
Remember that time is money in the States - wasting people's time through vagueness is lack of a sense of purpose which will not produce good results.
Tip 6
Compromise is often sought - at the brink. This can often equate to the end of a quarter or financial year.
Tip 7
Do not be offended by seemingly overly personal questions.
Tip 8
Dress code in the States is very variable - check on the appropriate mode before departure.
Tip 9
Short-termism is endemic. Structure proposals to emphasise quick wins rather than long-term objectives (although these should also be included.)
Tip 10
You may encounter an 'American is best' view to doing things - be prepared to counter this with quantitative and qualitative counter- arguments.