Tip 1
Egalitarianism is one of the driving characteristics of Swedes. This leads Swedes to be consensus-oriented in many situations.
Tip 2
Swedes expect to be allowed to perform their allotted tasks free from interference from others.
Tip 3
Business structures tend to be flat with good, open communication across the functions.
Tip 4
Managers are expected to include subordinates in the decision-making process. 'Buy-in' is central to the Swedish approach.
Tip 5
Swedes tend to make good team players, realising the importance of open communication and the need for acceptance from other team members.
Tip 6
Due to the consensual nature of the Swedish approach, meetings can be lengthy and verbose.
Tip 7
Delegates are expected to arrive well-prepared for meetings. Agendas are often used and usually adhered to.
Tip 8
Decision taking can also be a lengthy process as the necessary debate and consensus process is gone through.
Tip 9
Punctuality is essential in Sweden. Lack of punctuality can undermine professional credibility.
Tip 10
Swedes put business before relationships and business relationships are based on respect for competence and diligence.