South Africa:

Tip 1
South Africa presents the visitor with a world of contradictory impressions and emotions. It is both industrialised and agrarian; affluent and impoverished - all within a few miles of each other.
Tip 2
South Africa is by far the wealthiest country in Africa.  It is rich by African terms but poor when compared with regional superpowers on other continents.
Tip 3
Trying to describe South Africa is a daunting task as it has many varying constituent parts, all of which are undergoing periods of rapid change and development. What is true today will probably not be true tomorrow.
Tip 4
The country's current relatively peaceful internal political situation is viewed by many observers as, at best, fragile. The transition from an apartheid system to a more representative democracy is a slow transformation. Do not arrive in South Africa expecting that this process is complete and well established.
Tip 5
There are many cultures within South Africa with ethnic tensions existing both within the black community and the white community. Exactly who are you dealing with? Do extensive homework before embarking on any project.
Tip 6
The corporate structure, management style, levels of sophistication etc. found within a contact organisation will vary enormously depending upon the type of company you are dealing with. Is your contact company a well established organisation or a more recently established outfit?
Tip 7
If you are dealing with a recently privatised company expect high levels of bureaucracy and a slow rate of progress.
Tip 8
Management power has traditionally been held in the hands of a few (usually white) senior managers. Decisions tend to be made at the top.
Tip 9
Although a great deal of pressure is being put on managers to be more consultative and delegate authority, it has been noted that a great deal of resistance to such change has been felt in many organisations.
Tip 10
The best advice for any manager is to strive to be authoritative but not overly authoritarian. Be in charge of the facts and speak with conviction.