Tip 1
Singapore is probably the most heavily Western-influenced of all the major Asian economies and, as such, presents a sometimes confusing mix of solidly traditional Asian values and ultra modern business techniques.
Tip 2
Singapore is an eclectic mix of ethnic Chinese, Malays, Indians and global expatriates and is therefore difficult to categorise. What is true of the ethnic Chinese approach may be very different in an Indian-oriented company or the regional headquarters of a major MNC.
Tip 3
Business structures tend towards the hierarchical with decisions made at the top by senior management before being cascaded down the chain.
Tip 4
It is unusual for people to display open disagreement with a decision made. Any debate would be held in private.
Tip 5
Ensure that people of a similar status deal with senior people. Do not show disrespect by expecting them to deal with younger, more junior colleagues.
Tip 6
Age is respected and managers tend to be older. As with all Asian countries, age brings automatic respect and it is more difficult for younger people to interface as equals at senior management level.
Tip 7
Managers expect and receive respect. In return for that respect they take a holistic interest in the all-round well being of subordinates.
Tip 8
Performance determines promotion within an organisation - except within family firms where family bonds are strongly felt.
Tip 9
Harmony is sought in meeting situations and everything should be done to promote and maintain that harmony.
Tip 10
Remember the importance of safeguarding 'face'. Relationships are the key in Singapore and relationships become difficult if people have lost face.