Saudi Arabia:

Tip 1
All aspects of life in Saudi are governed by an absolute belief in the teachings of Islam and an adherence to its tenets. No business deal will ever be discussed without reference to the Almighty and His Prophet Mohammed.
Tip 2
It goes without saying that the utmost respect must be given to such devoutly held religious beliefs and accommodations made to allow people to observe religious rituals of prayer and fasting.
Tip 3
As all things emanate from the will of Allah, a degree of fatalism and acceptance are inherent in the Saudi character. Things will or will not happen according to the will of God and not because of the actions of man. The meeting will take place tomorrow at nine o'clock - God willing.
Tip 4
Business is usually family-based with all senior positions filled by family members. Nepotism is the natural order of things and not something that needs to be explained to visitors.
Tip 5
This family-orientation leads naturally to the development of strong hierarchies with the oldest male relatives being at the head of the organisation.
Tip 6
Age is worthy of respect and honourable visitors will display respect to older people - therefore it is good to have some older heads amongst any delegation going to Saudi.
Tip 7
Try to find out the relationship tree of any company you wish to do business with. Power may not reside with a functional head if that head is not a family member or has poor relationships at the top.
Tip 8
Managers tend to lead through instruction and subordinates are not expected to show initiative. If is not requested, it may not get done.
Tip 9
Meetings can involve sitting in rooms with unknown people who are simultaneously meeting your contact. In effect, several meetings may take place at the same time.
Tip 10
Initial meetings can be very time-consuming and appear to deliver very little in terms of tangible returns.