Tip 1
Although many endemic problems remain when trying to develop business in Nigeria, many steps have been taken to tackle institutional and corporate corruption - things seem to be moving in the right direction.
Tip 2
Try to do some research on the Nigerian company you visit before you arrive. Are you dealing with an internationally influenced subsidiary of a global MNC or a locally owned and managed business?
Tip 3
Most local companies will be very hierarchical. Try to get to know the hierarchy of the company at an early stage.
Tip 4
Don't try to get decisions out of middle-managers - they usually can't make them.
Tip 5
Age is worthy of respect in Nigeria - should your delegation reflect this fact?
Tip 6
Although organisations are hierarchically structured with decisions made at the top, do not ignore lower ranking officials - they may still be highly influential.
Tip 7
Managers are expected to manage. They make decisions and give instructions. A more consensus-style approach might be bewildering.
Tip 8
Managers expect loyalty and compliance in return for which they offer support and help in both business and non-business areas.
Tip 9
It is important to develop good, long-term relationships in Nigeria. If meetings seem a little informal and non-business focussed, do not worry - the more time spent on relationship-building, the better.
Tip 10
Although punctuality can be very patchy, it is probably best if you show up on time. Be careful to allow enough time to negotiate the traffic.