Tip 1
The Dutch appreciate plain speaking above all else. Subtlety, diplomacy and coded speech can all lead to problems.
Tip 2
Everybody has a point to make and deserves to be heard.
Tip 3
The manager is not necessarily the boss, but the first amongst equals.
Tip 4
Despite their reputation for liberalism, the Netherlands is a conservative society and change is only accepted and embraced after much deliberation and discussion.
Tip 5
The Dutch have a long tradition of internationalism and are possibly more aware of the impact of cultural differences than people from many other cultures. Their language skills are world-renowned.
Tip 6
Decisions are reached through a lengthy process of debate and consensus building buy-in. It is difficult and dangerous to try to circumvent this system.
Tip 7
Historical events (floods, invasions etc.) have made the Dutch cautious and deeply thoughtful in their approach to issues. (If you do things in haste your feet will get wet.)
Tip 8
It is important to be seen as unpretentious in your dealings with other people. Eccentric behaviour is seen as suspect. (To act normal is crazy enough!)
Tip 9
Humour is used and appreciated but not in very tense business situations where it could be seen as frivolous.
Tip 10
There is a relatively strong separation made between work and private. Colleagues tend not to socialise very much immediately after work.

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