Tip 1
India is one of the most diverse countries in the world and therefore all generalisations about Indian culture should be treated with caution. Try to research each client thoroughly before entering into any negotiations. Is it a traditional, family-run business or a more modern hi-tech operation working with western business methodology?
Tip 2
India, more than most other countries, places great value on the quality of inter-personal relationships. Do not try to push things along too quickly in the early stages - take the time to develop relationships.
Tip 3
Both society and business are extremely hierarchically arranged and many Indians find it extremely difficult to work in a non-hierarchical structure.
Tip 4
Trying to introduce a flatter, more egalitarian approach into a society in which the caste system still flourishes can prove extremely difficult and painful for all concerned.
Tip 5
Most decisions are made at the top of an organisation and it can, therefore, be a waste of time and resource to spend too much time negotiating at the middle levels of a company if top level approval has not already been given.
Tip 6
The boss is definitely the boss in India and is expected to 'play the part.' Senior managers are not expected to engage in work which could be undertaken by somebody lower down the organisation.
Tip 7
Managers are expected to give direct and specific instructions to subordinates - and subordinates are expected to carry out the instructions unquestioningly.
Tip 8
Do not expect too much initiative from subordinates, contractors etc. Plan in great detail and explain exactly what needs to be done.
Tip 9
Meetings can seem very informal and it is possible for several meetings to be conducted by one person at the same time and in the same room. Try not to become irritated by this informal approach.
Tip 10
Time is fairly fluid. Be prepared for meetings to start and finish late and for interruptions to occur on a regular basis.

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