Tip 1
Greece is a country which is transitioning from an economy which has traditionally been dominated by state-run organisations, to a more modern, open approach.
Tip 2
As companies (both state-owned and private) tend towards the hierarchical, decision-making powers lie in the hands of a few senior managers at the top of the organisation.
Tip 3
Make sure you are dealing with the right people. Don't waste time trying to get people to make decisions who do not have the real authority anyway.
Tip 4
Management style is paternalistic and mangers are expected to manage through giving clear instructions.
Tip 5
Subordinates will rarely disagree openly with senior people - they will however raise any concerns in private.
Tip 6
Meetings can seem both noisy and chaotic to those from a culture used to a more structured approach.
Tip 7
Several people may speak at the same time during meetings - which is viewed as lively debate rather than lack of discipline.
Tip 8
Agendas will tend to be used only for the most formal types of meetings.
Tip 9
Punctuality is less rigid than in some other countries. People may arrive late for meetings; deadlines may be seen as guidelines.
Tip 10
Teams are defined as individuals working to a strong leader - information does not necessarily flow freely between team members.