Tip 1
Educational background and intellectual dexterity are important commodities in France.
Tip 2
French government and industry have traditionally had a closer relationship than has been in evidence in many other industrialised nations and this has resulted in many senior civil servants taking senior roles in industry.
Tip 3
Long-term planning has been a central tenet of the French approach for many decades and leads to detailed forward planning by companies.
Tip 4
In keeping with the centralist tendencies apparent in France, most major French companies have their HQ in Paris - where most major decisions will be made.
Tip 5
The CEO (or PDG) of a French company is usually a highly charismatic leader who guides the general direction of the company in an authoritative manner.
Tip 6
French companies tend towards rigid hierarchies with clear upward reporting and decision making lines.
Tip 7
Socialising across hierarchical lines is quite unusual.
Tip 8
Promotion is gained through a combination of seniority, educational achievement and demonstrated competence.
Tip 9
Management style is often directive with instructions being given to subordinates in information style meetings.
Tip 10
Little open dissension with the boss will be witnessed in open, formal meetings. Any such disagreements will be aired in pre-meeting lobbying sessions.