Tip 1
Perseverance and stubbornness (sisu) are widely viewed as being key characteristics.
Tip 2
Finns tend less towards consensus than their Nordic cousins, expecting individuals to take responsibility for decisions which fall within the perimeters of their responsibilities.
Tip 3
Industrial relations in Finland have been characterised by co-operation and calm, with all elements in the organisation working for the good of the greater whole.
Tip 4
Finnish companies can be quite paternalistic in their approach to the wider community, seeing the company as having a social obligation to fulfil.
Tip 5
Engineering and engineers are held in great esteem and managers from this discipline very often dominate companies.
Tip 6
Management places great emphasis on the development of orderly procedures and processes, which will enable everybody to perform their tasks efficiently.
Tip 7
Major decisions tend to be taken in a collegiate style by a small group of senior managers. These major decisions can be a long time in the making.
Tip 8
Finns are uncomfortable with a 'hard sell' approach. It is better to be understated and somewhat self-deprecating in manner.
Tip 9
Meetings are very often used for the dissemination of information rather than as debating chambers.
Tip 10
Meetings tend to be highly structured and interruptions and diversions are frowned upon.