Tip 1
The drive for egalitarianism is strong in Danish business circles. This leads Danes to be consensus-oriented in many situations
Tip 2
In common with other Scandinavians, Danes seek consensus through detailed discussion and the search for a negotiated agreement.
Tip 3
Denmark has few truly multi-national companies but boasts hundreds of highly respected players in niche-markets.
Tip 4
Danish success has been largely built on high levels of design, creativity and technical excellence.
Tip 5
Employees have, traditionally, tended to stay with one company for much of their careers and job-hopping has been somewhat rare.
Tip 6
Structures tend to be much flatter than in many other countries with wage differentials reflecting this.
Tip 7
Managers are expected to be 'primus inter pares' (or 'first amongst equals') rather than figures of authority who give direct instructions to subordinates.
Tip 8
Promotion tends to be determined through achievement rather than through relationships or networks.
Tip 9
People are expected to be well prepared for meetings and to be able to argue their own point of view convincingly.
Tip 10
Pre-meeting lobbying could be viewed as mischievous and underhand.