Tip 1
Belgium is a country which is internally divided, where regional tensions can be detected just below the apparently calm surface of business life.
Tip 2
The inherent tensions within Belgium society have led to the knowledge that compromise and negotiated settlements are essential if progress is to be made.
Tip 3
Companies have traditionally been organised along strictly hierarchical lines - but this system is currently under attack and many companies are moving towards the adoption of more matrix-oriented models.
Tip 4
Decisions tend to laboured, as they have to go through the process of compromise and debate if they are to be accepted.
Tip 5
Managers tend to take a measured approach which relies heavily on consultation and discussion - this is more the case in the Flemish areas than in Wallonia.
Tip 6
Being conservative and compromise-oriented, rapid change is difficult to achieve and 'new' ideas may be viewed with suspicion.
Tip 7
Confrontation is to be avoided and being dogmatic can be viewed as arrogance. Open disagreement within meetings is more likely to be seen in Flanders than in Wallonia.
Tip 8
Belgians work well in multi-cultural teams - possibly better than they do in teams which include both Flemings and Walloons.
Tip 9
In a group situation, it is important to try to develop a harmonious atmosphere, free from conflict.
Tip 10
The English language is widely spoken (especially in Brussels where many people exhibit an advanced degree of fluency.)