Tip 1
Due to certain historical and cultural influences, Austrian companies tend towards a hierarchical approach to corporate structure.
Tip 2
Try to find the organisation chart of the company you are dealing with - it usually gives a close reflection of the way in which the company is actually organised.
Tip 3
Social partnership has, for a long time, been a central tenet of the Austrian approach to business. Co-operation and co-determination in industrial matters are of paramount importance.
Tip 4
Managers tend to be instructional and are expected to give direct instructions to subordinates.
Tip 5
In a country which tends towards the development of specialists, managers are usually sector-area experts. They know what they are talking about.
Tip 6
Charm and warmth are much prized characteristics and managers will strive to achieve a 'cosy' relationship with colleagues.
Tip 7
People are expected to be very well prepared for meetings - do not arrive without having thought through the detail of the meeting in some depth.
Tip 8
If 'brainstorming' meetings are to be held, it is best to make sure everybody knows exactly what is expected within the meeting and what the goals of the meeting are.
Tip 9
Punctuality is prized. Do not be late as this could be viewed as unprofessional behaviour.
Tip 10
A certain amount of small talk can be expected at the start of a meeting.