Top Tips 1-10 on Argentina


Tip 1
Although beset by numerous economic, political and social difficulties, Argentina remains a country which holds vast potential for the careful, well-prepared business investor.
Tip 2
Historical factors have made Argentines unsure of the long-term and are, therefore, often happiest when focussing on shorter-term issues.
Tip 3
People in the country are very status conscious and this feeds through into their attitudes to business and corporate structures.
Tip 4
Do not assume that a published organisation chart necessarily reflects the actual structure of the organisation. Complex webs of relationships can often distort things and power does not necessarily lie in the hands of the most obvious person.
Tip 5
Make sure you are dealing with the real decision-maker and not just somebody you assume ought to be the decision-maker.
Tip 6
Managers are expected to manage and decisiveness and clear instructions are expected and respected.
Tip 7
Managers and subordinates will develop very close personal bonds. The manager is expected to take a deep interest in the interests and well-being of subordinates.
Tip 8
Greater emphasis is placed upon the spoken than the written word. Don't rely solely on email to convey a message — follow up with a phone call or a meeting.
Tip 9
It is difficult to arrange meetings too far in advance. If you do arrange meetings well in advance, don't be surprised if they are postponed nearer to the date. (Another example of Argentine short-termism.)
Tip 10
Expect meetings to commence with quite a lot of small-talk. View this as an important element of the meeting — don't be impatient and try to rush it.