Belgian Teams


It has been said that the Belgians find it easier to work in a multi-cultural team rather than in a team made up solely of a mix of Walloons and Flemings. Although this point is perhaps debatable, it is certainly true that intra-Belgium tensions are rarely very far below the surface in such situations.

This inherent tension — which runs through Belgian society — means that such devices as compromise, diplomacy and conflict avoidance are pre-requisites in the team environment. Anybody who attempts to rock the boat risks affecting the uneasy Belgian truce which has been many years in the making.

Therefore, when working with a Belgium team it is important to recognise and, wherever possible, foster the development of this all-important group harmony. Try to avoid situations designed to stimulate debate through confrontation. If conflict seems likely, try to diffuse the situation - defer the problem until later or take it 'off-line'.