Argentine Teams


Argentines work well in teams so long as all the parameters are clear. What's my role? What are my responsibilities? Who do I report to? It is essential that these types of issues are spelled out at the earliest opportunity during the life-span of any team. Argentines do not like things to be left too vague in these areas and are particularly wary about being seen to usurp somebody else's responsibilities.

As greater emphasis is placed on the development of strong, long-term relationships than would be normal in countries such as the USA or Germany, the team needs to be given the time and space to develop these relationships. Trust grows slowly in a country where it may at some stage in the past have been dangerous to trust people you didn't know.

If a team is working well, try not to disrupt it. If a project finishes try to keep the core of the team intact and move them on en masse to the next project.