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Indonesia in Figures
Land Area 1, 904,443 sq. km
Population: 230 m
Population density: 126 sq. km
Life expectancy: Men: 70 yrs
Women: 74 yrs
Adult literacy: 92%
Average per household 3.4
Divorces per1,000 : 1
The Economy
Currency: Rupiah
GDP: $540bn
GDP per heads: $2,350
Employment (% of total): Agriculture 41
Industry 19%
Services: 49%
Unemployed: 8%
Main Exports:Type: Mineral products
Petroleum & products
Garments and textiles
Natural gas
Destinations: (% total) Japan 16%
China 10%
USA 10%
Singapore 9%
Main Imports:Type: Intermediate goods
Capital goods
Consumer goods
Main countries of origin: Singapore 16%
China 14%
Japan 10%
USA 7%

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