India in Figures
Land Area 3, 287,263 sq km
Population: 1.198m
Population density: 372 sq km
Life expectancy: Men 64 yrs
Women 67 yrs
Adult literacy: 63%
Average per household 5.3
Divorces per1,000 : Unknown
The Economy
Currency: Indian Rupee
GDP: US$ 1,377bn
GDP per heads: US$ 1,190
Employment (% of total): Agriculture 60%
Industry 17%
Services 23%
Unemployed 4%
Main Exports:Type:

Engineering goods
Jewellery & gems
Agricultural goods

Destinations: (% total) United Arab Emirates 12%
USA 11%
China 6%
Main Imports:Type:

Petroleum & product
Electronic goods
Gold and silver

Main countries of origin: China 10%
USA 6%
UAE 5%
Saudi Arabia5%

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