Tip 11
The British like to be part of a team and like the team to have a companionable atmosphere.
Tip 12
Members of a team are expected to take an holistic interest in the project, rather than confining themselves to their allocated role only.
Tip 13
The British place diplomacy firmly before directness and will try to avoid engendering negative emotions in meeting situations etc.
Tip 14
The British can misinterpret direct speech as rudeness, aggression and arrogance.
Tip 15
Humour is acceptable and expected in virtually all business situations. Humour is not seen as unprofessional, even when used in tense and difficult meetings.
Tip 16
Self-promotion is not appreciated in the UK. It is far better to self-deprecate. It is, of course, acceptable to be positive about your company and products.
Tip 17
Meetings will often begin with a good amount of seemingly meaningless small talk. This is seen as a good way to start the meeting in a harmonious manner.
Tip 18
Women play an increasingly prominent role in business life - especially in service industries.
Tip 19
Formal dress codes of dark blue and grey suits are still predominant although changes are starting to occur in this area.
Tip 20
Colleagues will virtually always use first names amongst themselves. It is considered very formal and distancing to use surnames.