Tip 11
It is often best to speak English in Belgium, even if reasonably fluent in French (or Flemish), as this maintains neutrality.
Tip 12
Communication styles differ between the two major Belgian groupings. Flemings tend more towards direct speech than their colleagues in Wallonia who have an almost French-like love of rhetoric.
Tip 13
Humour, if used at all in business, would tend to be included at the beginning or end of a meeting rather than during any of the substantive issues.
Tip 14
Women tend not to be found in the highest echelons of Belgian business.
Tip 15
Food is important and it is better not to try to discuss the detail of a business transaction until the coffee is served.
Tip 16
Surnames are usually used in business circles and the transition to the more familiar use of first names can take time.
Tip 17
Tip 18
Tip 19
Tip 20